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Infrahealth® Coding Services
At Infrahealth®, we will help your facility or practice meet the OIG's compliance recommendations and develop a cost effective coding solution that is right for you through our network of solution providers.

The Advantage:
Infrahealth®'s staff of medical coders are certified and have experience with all types of medical facilities, including ambulatory surgery centers and physician practices. We provide our staff through rigorous training programs, honing their skill sets through continuous education. We provide easy and confidential access to your HIPAA-compliant reports within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your notes, reports, or schedules.

Services Include:

  • Obtain patient charts and ensure that all records are coded properly
  • File all third-party claims
  • Mail patient statements on a timely basis
  • Skip-trace returned mail to find correct mailing addresses
  • Assign a post office box and toll free telephone number to filed patient inquiries
  • Receive copies of all payments and reimbursements and post payments to the appropriate patient accounts
  • Post contract discounts and adjustments required by law or authorized by client
  • Forward net funds payable to client