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Infrahealth® Billing Services offers a complete back office for your facility. We have a strong team of well-qualified and trained billers with over five years of billing experience.

Utilizing the rapid developments in communication, information technology and data management, Infrahealth® creates a quickly scalable virtual office. This model can be used to outsource voluminous and repetitive work thus allowing you more freedom and time to concentrate on the core competencies of building your business and improving client relationships.

Our experienced analysts and callers utilize our state-of-the-art call centers to follow up with insurance providers and patients to ensure maximum reimbursement in the shortest time.

The Advantage
First and most apparent is the enormous reduction of your overhead by up to 40%, thereby increasing profitability. By outsourcing to Infrahealth® you will be able to increase your volume without additional investment in infrastructure and manpower. Due to the centralization of workflow, effective maintenance and output of results are ensured. Infrahealth®'s vast pool of human resources enables us to handle any volume even with the shortest notice.