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Infrahealth® Receives Investment Capital Funding Infrahealth® Receives Investment Capital Funding

Infrahealth® Group of Companies announces that one of its companies, Infrahealth® Insurance Verification and Eligibility System, Inc. (IVES) has closed a round of investment capital funding from Enhanced Capital Partners, a national investment firm that works with world class companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

About IVES™, Inc.

Infrahealth® IVES is a patent pending insurance verification solution for the healthcare industry that can save 71% or more revenues as compared to current processes. This web based solution facilitates patient insurance eligibility verification, referral checking, pre-authorization and pre-certification. IVES is more than an automatic extraction of simple data available on insurance websites or by Interactive Voice Response, IVES representatives are experts in making calls to the insurance payers and asking the right questions to get all the details needed in order to increase reimbursements and alleviate claim denials.

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About Infrahealth® Group of Companies

Infrahealth® Group of Companies, an Austin-based conglomerate of firms offers and integrated suite of healthcare software applications and services to successfully operate healthcare facilities. Among the service offerings are Insurance Verification, Medical Billing, Medical Coding and Medical Transcription. The software applications include Infrahealth® Insurance Verification and Eligibility System, RKS 8.08 (a prequel EMR for facilities that do not want to be catapulted into the complexities of standard and expensive EMR software), Practice Management Software, Electronic Medical Records, Web Scheduling and a Surgical Instrument Tracking System.

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“Enhanced Capital Partner’s strong endorsement of Infrahealth’s strategic vision to deliver and execute cost saving software solutions and services to the healthcare industry gives us the much needed validation from a partner who has a firm understanding of the needs of the industry“, says Priyam Sharma, CEO of Infrahealth Group of Companies.

About Enhanced Capital Partners

Enhanced Capital Partners, Inc. founded in 1999, is a national investment firm specializing in investments in small and mid-size companies. Enhanced provides a range of investment options to promote the growth and expansion of businesses.

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Company and Media Contact:

Priyam Sharma