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Infrahealth® Adds Insurance Verification to Suite of Solutions Bringing Record Cost Savings to the Healthcare Industry Infrahealth® Adds Insurance Verification to Suite of Solutions Bringing Record Cost Savings to the Healthcare Industry

AUSTIN, TX March 10, 2009

Infrahealth® group of companies, a leading health care software and services provider, announced today the availability of a patent pending solution, Infrahealth Insurance Verification and Eligibility System (IVES). Infrahealth® IVES is being released to doctors groups throughout the nation in response to the growing need for a streamlined and cost effective insurance verification system, designed to decrease payment denials for non-verification or lack of benefits.

This web based solution facilitates eligibility verification, referral checking, pre-authorization and pre-certification. IVES is more than automatic extraction of simple data available on insurance websites or by Interactive Voice Response, IVES representatives are experts in making calls to the insurance payers and asking the right questions to get all the details needed in order to obtain proper reimbursement.

“We’re keenly aware of our competitive advantage because we effectively execute and deliver cost saving solutions to our physicians,” said Priyam Sharma, CEO of Infrahealth® Group of companies, “Taking physician practices’ needs into account in these hard times, Infrahealth has developed this unique solution for the healthcare industry that will increase their bottom line by a considerable margin.”

Reducing costs by an average of 71% and increasing the reimbursements to physicians, IVES features the following:

  • Making the time consuming phone calls to the payors on your behalf
  • Obtaining details from payers according to your specifications
  • Customizing verification forms for your practice free of charge
  • Pre Authorization, Referral checking, Pre certification available
  • Turn-around time between 1 to 12 hours
  • Sophisticated web based platform – NO software installation required
  • Unlimited user ids for no additional charge
  • Integration with all scheduling systems available free of charge
  • Integration with all billing systems available free of charge
  • Share benefits with Billing staff Online
  • Automatic Fax for Referrals
  • Vast Search Capability for patient verifications
  • Audit Trail Available Instantly
  • Scanning and data collection of patient insurance card available
  • Vast reporting capability – customized to your needs

About Infrahealth®

Infrahealth® Group of Companies, an Austin-based global conglomerate of firms offers the entire suite of software applications and services to successfully operate healthcare facilities. Among the offering are Insurance Verification, Billing, Coding and Transcription as services. The software packages include Infrahealth Insurance Verification and Eligibility System (IVES) Practice Management System, Electronic Medical Records, RKS8.08 a prequel EMR for facilities that do not want to incur the expensive EMR software, web scheduling and Surgical Instrument Tracking System.

For more information on Infrahealth® IVES, please visit
For more information on Infrahealth®, please visit

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Priyam Sharma