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Infrahealth® Inc. Introduces IH Dictate iPhone app for Medical Transcription Infrahealth® Inc. Introduces IH Dictate iPhone app for Medical Transcription

Infrahealth® Group of Companies, a leading health care software and services provider, announced today the availability of IH Dictate, an iPhone Medical Transcription Application on the App Store.  This innovative technological solution takes medical transcription to the next level in the ever changing health care industry.

Infrahealth ® IH Dictate offers

  • iPhone Application with intuitive recording controls
  • Get your schedule on your phone so you dictate your entire work list
  • Easy Uploading of voice files
  • Receive your reports on your iPhone for quick review and approval
  • Reports also available on a secure website
  • Begin recording at any point, using sliders
  • You do not use up any of your minutes
  • Archival of voice files for up to 4 weeks on your phone
  • … And one less gadget to purchase, carry or to loose!

About Infrahealth® Group of Companies

Infrahealth® Group of Companies, an Austin-based global syndicate, offers solutions that greatly enhance health care operations.  Globally and environmentally conscious, Infrahealth® utilizes resources domestically and abroad to increase efficiency while decreasing material overhead.

Among our offerings are:

  • Web based Insurance Verification and Eligibility System (IVES™)
  • Web based Transcription platform and services
  • Web based Customizable EMR
  • Surgical Instrument Tracking System
  • Billing and Coding service that can be coupled with our Practice Management Software

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Company and Media Contact:

Priyam Sharma